Galaxy S10 Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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Galaxy S10 Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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  • For Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Eye Protection dipos
  • Support three unlocking functions, face recognition, fingerprint unlocking, password input
  • The For Samsung Galaxy S10 protective filter looks very resistant to scratches and abrasion!
  • Protection in 4 senses against unwanted looks - Protective filter against looks both vertically and horizontally.
  • Extremely scratch-resistant thanks to its special surface with hard coating!
  • In order to guarantee a perfect grip of the sheet to the screen, the design has been made so that the protective sheet only covers the flat area of ​​the screen.


Package Include:

- 1 or 2pcs Tempered Glass Screen Protector ( By Option)

- UV Glue

- UV Light Machine

- Installation Instructions

- Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

- Microfiber Cloth

- Dust Removal Tape

- Instructions